Allyson is a current 5th grader at EPS. She most recently acted well in her old school in the play Comedy of Errors when she was in fourth grade. She was also Stubby in her second-grade play, The Little Rabbit Who Wanted Red Wings. She was excited to explore the areas around blocking as she had not worked on it much before.

Chloe is an 11th grader at EPS. In this production, she was excited to take on the rolls of Woman, Aphrodite, Vertumnus, and Philemon. Chloe first performed in a play in the second grade, but she has loved acting for as long as she can remember. Chloe would like to thank her parents for always supporting her in her enthusiasm for theater.

Mina is a 10th grader at EPS. She has been participating in all-school productions since sixth grade. She is very grateful for the opportunity Metamorphoses has given her to spend time with castmates and participate in theatre safely in this time.

Ari is currently a 6th grader at Eastside Preparatory School. Most recently, he played Bombur in the middle school radio play production of The Hobbit. He also performed as Charles Wallace in A Wrinkle in Time last year. He is excited to take part in his first ever all-school play!

A. Cunningham is a junior at Eastside Preparatory school who has been passionate about theatre all their life. This is their ninth production with the school (not including the numerous theatre classes they’ve taken!), their most recent participation being in The Laramie Project and You Can’t Take It With You. They are thrilled to get to work with their middle school peers in telling this amazing story and hope to continue theatre through their final year with the school.

Atalay is a current 6th grader at Eastside Preparatory School. He has recently acted in last year’s Middle School Theatre Showcase. He has acted in many school plays over the years and was also in last year’s Middle School Play, A Wrinkle in Time. He loved being able to be part of this different play format and also liked helping with the music sequences of it.

Guy is a current 10th grader at Eastside Preparatory School. This is his first time being in a play at EPS. He is excited to be a part of Metamorphoses.

Eda is a current 6th grader at Eastside Preparatory School. She was most recently in a Wizard of Oz musical by Backstage. She has also played in many other school plays from Bellevue Children’s Academy. She loved being a part of the Metamorphoses cast this year!

Anhat is a current 7th grader at Eastside Prep. Among many things, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling, playing sports, and ACTING! Last fall, she started acting at EPS and has ever since enjoyed being a part of the EPS theater productions. During Metamorphosis, she valued meeting new people with a variety of talents and skills, and being a part of this awesome production!

Olivia is a 9th grader at Eastside Preparatory school, and she played Narrator 1, the 1st Laundress, Apollo, Psyche, and Poseidon in Metamorphoses. She likes to draw, make music, and daydream in her spare time. She had a wonderful time acting and she hopes you’ll enjoy the play!

Chelsea is a current 5th grader at Eastside Preparatory School. She acted in The Hobbit earlier this year and was fascinated by it. She then decided to act in Metamorphoses because (quote Chelsea right here) MORE THEATRE IS ALWAYS A PLUS!!! She cannot wait and is super excited to see how the show turns out.

Hades is the current ruler of the underworld- wait, I mean Zoe is a current 5th grader at EPS. Hades ahem Zoe played Dork in the MS production the Hobbit earlier this year and is excited to participate in Metamorphoses. Hades lives in the underworld with many shades. I mean, Zoe thanks her family for supporting her and she is a cat person.

Big thanks to Evan M. (10th grade) for all of his tech help in the booth and the lovely intro video.

Thank you to the other Evan S. (10th grade) for the Metamorphoses poster design.